Sarasota Sailor Circus: Sarasota, Florida


In November 2012 Sweet Sparkman Architects participated in the competition for the Master Plan of Sailor Circus. Sarasota has a distinct and well established history as a circus and performing arts capital. The Sailor Circus is unique to Sarasota; a legacy of the Circus family heritage. It is a much beloved institution that has produced an extensive list of local, national and international circus celebrities. 

Circus Arts are special because they embrace ALL elements of the performing arts. It is the culmination of dance, acrobatics and music all being performed simultaneously. It is ballet and symphony performed with operatic proportions. 

The large sunshades and broad overhangs, natural ventilation, the large expanse of glass and strong horizontal lines, and the blurring of the traditional sharp boundary between inside and outside created spaces that were in tune with the solar cycle and the lushness and flatness of the Florida landscape. This deep respect for Sarasota’s design aesthetic, reflected in the proposed design, weaves together two defining and unique characteristics of Sarasota.