Selby Library Improvements: Sarasota, Florida


Sarasota County allocated $1.35M for improvements to the indoor air quality, interior upgrades and space planning to the 10 year-old Selby Library. Interior renovation including improvements to indoor air quality, finishes and space planning and the design of a new State-of-the-Art Teen Center. To ensure control of the project costs, Sweet Sparkman Architects divided the scope of work into two phases of design of which the first phase included a due diligence period. The design team consulted with a Building Forensics Scientist who worked closely with Sweet Sparkman Architects and their engineering consultants to determine the extent of the indoor air-quality problems and develop solutions to resolve the problem. Phase II of the project includes the preparation of design documents for the interior improvements to address the remediation of indoor air quality issues while providing additional interior improvements including the establishment of a Teen Center that includes glass storefront, metal walls and exposed ceilings in a "cyber-punk" design motif. Sweet Sparkman served as the prime firm.