Park East Place: Sarasota, Florida


Park East Place is an urban infill project in one of the City of Sarasota's walk-to-town neighborhoods. The developers came to Sweet Sparkman Architects with the intention of working as a collaborative design / build team. This downtown neighborhood development takes advantage of the reduced zoning lot requirements in the City's new downtown code by providing 5 new separately zoned lots in lieu of the previously platted 3 lots. Lot sizes are 34'-0" wide x 118-0" deep and provide for the required 10'-0" minimum side yard setback. The primary dwelling units are single story and approximately 1,100 square feet with an accessory dwelling unit of 550 s.f. over a two-car carport. The primary and accessory dwelling units are separated by a garden shared by both occupants.

The architectural design of the structures draw upon the neighborhoods eclectic mix of residential housing types.