In 2017, we embarked on a project to make much-needed improvements to Brentwood Elementary School. Brentwood, surrounded by single-family residences, was designed in 1959 by Gene Leedy and William Rupp. The original design, praised for the light steel structure, connection to outdoor spaces, and the introduction of red, blue, and yellow gold color accents, graced the pages of Architectural Forum and Architectural Record magazines.

Fast forward to 2017, Leedy's concept of indoor-outdoor classrooms is no longer apparent. Concrete masonry replaced previous glassed walled classrooms for energy and security purposes and pitched green metal roofs (now faded) house rooftop mechanical equipment installed in the 1970's. The design team's mission was to beautify the campus by recalling the work done by Mr. Leedy, address an undersized / over-utilized cafeteria, and upgrade the HVAC and electrical systems throughout the school.

Today, we’re proud to say Brentwood shines bright once more. Enrollment projections are up, and the complex is a standout in the community. To see how we got to here from there, download our case study.