SARASOTA, Fla. – Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors, a multi-disciplinary architecture and planning firm headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, has hired 10 new team members since March 2020, increasing from 21 to 31 employees since the start of the pandemic.

Team members recently joining Sweet Sparkman come from various professional backgrounds spanning from project manager, to interior designer, project designer and professional service roles.

With the industry and country in the midst of a labor shortage, recruiting top talent has reportedly remained a challenge for many architecture firms. But, according to Sweet Sparkman partner Michele Demperio, the company’s unique brand of culture and caliber of work has boosted its ability to effectively attract new hires and differentiate itself from competitors.

“We believe it is our office culture of combining a collaborative, fun, environment, with a high standard for design and a passion for helping clients blend form and function into their best possible outcome,” said Demperio. “Ultimately, our goal is to hire the most experienced and talented people that are passionate about design and using it to make people’s lives easier and more beautiful.”

Company leaders credit the substantial growth and need for additional staff to a variety of factors, including the accelerated state of the housing market and an expansion of the firm’s scope of services beyond architecture, with the addition of a full-scale interior design arm in 2018.

 According to Sweet Sparkman, the addition of interior design as a service offering has allowed the firm to offer clients a more turn-key experience. With the inclusion of interior design considerations at the beginning of a project’s design process, the details of the spaces are more thoroughly realized.

“With equal considerations to the architecture and finished interior design, we are able to beautifully accommodate the lifestyle of the client through space planning and adjacencies. This slight change in process creates a more holistic design, by both thinking of the building from the outside in and the inside out,” said Demperio.

Representatives from Sweet Sparkman expect to continue their hiring spree through the conclusion of the year, with a push to onboard additional experienced project managers and architects in the coming months.  

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August 24, 2021