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CIVIC: South Lido Beach Pavilion, Sarasota, Florida

Anchoring the southern tip of Sarasota’s Lido Key, South Lido Beach Park has picturesque waterfront views on 3 sides. The new pavilion is prominently located near the entrance to this recreational park, replacing the existing restroom structure. The breezeway landing between restrooms is elevated above grade, taking full advantage of an open view to the pass.

Designed with architectural elements from Sarasota’s past, the inverted concrete roof also functions as a funnel for the cistern located at one end of the structure. Sea oats along the beach are abstractly expressed by vertical aluminum elements at the building perimeter. An entrance ramp, which winds its way between concrete columns to the raised deck level, hangs from the roof structure with finely proportioned stainless steel rods. Cementitious siding, concrete masonry and aluminum louvers are the exterior materials selected for their ability to withstand the waterfront environment and seasonal weather.