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HOUSING: Puerto Residence, Little Gaspirilla Island, Florida

Little Gaspirilla Island is a barrier island south of Venice, FL only accessible by boat. This presents a unique challenge for the design and construction of the approximately 5,100 SF (A/C area) house. The design will be a contemporary aesthetic inspired by the natural characteristics of the island environment. The structure for the new residence will be precast concrete piles driven to grade with cast grade beams and pile caps, cast columns up to cast concrete or precast plank/ topping first elevated slab – possible perimeter beams, steel columns above first elevated slab to roof, curved roofs to be stainless steel beams and 'shallow' wood purlin roof system. The structure will have exposed wood decking from underside. Exterior walls will be masonry and/or a glass curtain wall system. The decks will be membrane roofing/ drains and parapets. Interior floors will be terrazzo and interior walls and ceilings will be painted gypsum board. The elevation of the structure will be established at or above the minimum FDEP elevation.