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PLANNING: Fruitville Initiative, Sarasota, Florida

Sweet Sparkman Architects was contracted by Sarasota County to develop an action plan for the coordination of Fruitville Road, east of Interstate 75. The firm developed a Community Engagement Plan and assisted County staff with a Critical Area Plan adoption and rezone application. The Community Engagement Plan strategically identifies both key community issues and stake holders. The firm also provided analysis and comments to the County for consideration of transportation concurrency including an I-75/Fruitville Road interchange operational analysis report.

The County’s PMI framework, intended for use in urban development or redevelopment areas, was used as a form based code for the future rezone application. While the property is an infill development located within the Urban Service Area, Special Planning Area #3 is at present not an urban area. To this end, our team assisted the landowner, stakeholders, and the County in conducting a preliminary review of the PMI code.

As part of the proposed planning process, our team prepared for and attend a workshop with the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners to review the recommended Action Plan. The Action Plan included the Community Engagement Plan and proposed Community Engagement implementation. It also recommend a schedule and services for implementation.