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PLANNING: New College of Florida, Sarasota, Florida

New College of Florida obtained independent State University status by separating from USF/Sarasota New College. They had never had an independent Master Plan since the schools conception in the mid 1960’s; the Board of Trustees directed that a Vision Based 50 Year plan be created.  The Folsom Group with a distinguished team of consultants including Sweet Sparkman Architects and Moule & Polyzoides from Pasadena, CA, were selected for this work from a group of nationally prominent planning and design firms. The plan was created by an interactive community and university process between August and December 2005 and resulted in an integrated whole systems approach to future buildings and their environment.  Most importantly the new Master Plan creates a sense of place on both the East Campus and West Campus, and places the core academic facilities within a five minute walk of dormitories and student services.

Sweet Sparkman Architects has had an ongoing relationship with New College of Florida since 2005. In 2017 Sweet Sparkman Architects revised the master plan to comply with the mandatory update dictated by Florida Board of Regents. The updates include the colleges recent building additions and land acquisitions. Sweet Sparkman Architects also developed a 3-D map of the Campus.