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Reimagining Pei

RePei is a play on words and an acronym for a transformative concept (Repurpose, Reenergize, and Reimagine) to the Pei Dormitories at New College’s East Campus. This project transcends mere physical renovation, aiming to rekindle the spirit and original purpose of the structure. It is a commitment to honor their historical significance, adapt to contemporary needs, and ensure their continued role as a vibrant hub of student life. This project embodies innovation and community while reflecting the dynamic spirit of New College.

Central to this initiative is the respect for the original architectural vision, which fostered introspection and communal interaction through its gathering spaces and the iconic palm court. RePei seeks to preserve this legacy while infusing these spaces with new energy and adaptability, aligning them with the evolving demands of the East Campus.

The new master plan for the East Campus, with a focus on athletics, wellness, and student life, positions the Pei dorms as an integral part of this rejuvenation. By maintaining their original design intent, the plan introduces fresh vitality, ensuring these spaces serve the diverse and changing needs of the campus community. The dorms are set to support a wide array of activities, solidifying their status as the social heart of the campus.

A key feature of this renewal is the transformation of the palm court. Envisioned with a dynamic superstructure that defines the space, it will activate the campus's core, serving as a versatile venue for events like music festivals, sporting events, and student activities. This reimagined space is expected to become a central point for energy and engagement, further cementing the Pei dorms' role in campus life. Through RePei, the Pei dormitories are not just being renovated; they are being redefined as a living, breathing part of New College's future.

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