Abigail Korn, Associate AIA, GGEP

Abigail’s journey into the architecture field was far from conventional, shaped by a diverse array of passions and experiences. Despite not being drawn to architecture from an early age, her immersion in music as a saxophonist and her dedication to competitive swimming underscored her affinity for both creativity and physical activity. Abigail's educational path at the University of Idaho took a turn towards architecture during her sophomore year, where a transformative design-build project constructing a winery tasting room ignited her passion for the field. This hands-on experience, combined with her background in marketing and graphic design, cultivated her unique perspective on architecture as a powerful tool for storytelling and brand representation.

Inspired by experiential design and the blurring of boundaries between the built environment and user experience, Abigail aspires to specialize in pop-up and flagship design, striving to create immersive spaces that resonate with a brand's ethos. Her admiration for architects like Madelynn Ringo and her belief in architecture as an experience rather than just a physical structure shape her design philosophy. Notable achievements, including winning the Pacific Northwest AIA Honor Award and contributing to various research projects and exhibitions, highlight Abigail's dedication to excellence.

Beyond architecture, her love for outdoor activities, exploration of different cultures, and involvement in community advocacy through her role as AIA Florida State and Territory Representative enrich her creative process, providing a wealth of inspiration and knowledge to draw upon in her professional endeavors.