Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley's architectural journey began with a deep appreciation for its public nature, leading him to pursue six years of education at the University of Florida, blending design and art within the practical field of architecture. Passionate about becoming a project manager specializing in high-end residential designs, Paul prioritizes communication and constructability, aiming to manifest both client and architectural visions into tangible forms.

Inspired by new materials and ancient ideologies, he envisions a regional contemporary style infused with optimism for a spiritually and technologically advanced future. Influenced by architects like Paolo Soleri and design philosophies ranging from eclecticism to practicality, Paul's academic achievements at UF include the Arthur Blenn scholarship and the MRP Design Honor Award.

Beyond architecture, Paul finds solace in painting and drawing, viewing them as meditative practices that inform his creative approach, while his involvement in community activities like drawing clubs enriches his perspective on design and life.