Tatiana White, AIA

Tatiana White was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and has enjoyed a passionate love of drawing since she was a child. She earned her degree in architecture from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a prestigious school in Bogotá founded in 1623. While attending college, Tatiana became enamored with the modern architectural movement and its De Stijl influences. She founded her first design practice for displays and trade shows.

In 1999, Tatiana moved to Florida as an Intern Architect at Urban Order Inc. She quickly fell in love with Florida's sub-tropical climate, exotic plant life, and laid-back lifestyle. While interning, she enjoyed working on diverse projects, from high-end residential single-family homes to multi-family and light commercial projects.

Her many travels and diverse background give her a unique insight and ability to visualize things from a different perspective and approach. Tatiana believes architecture should be functional, simple/clear, and sensitive/responsive to the climate, the landscape, and her client's needs and desires.

Tatiana describes her passion for architecture this way: "I'm a Modernist. It's a broad term, but to me it means progress – something simple yet very complex. We have evolved over thousands of years of civilizations, and our social patterns and behaviors have changed with the evolution of technology and communications. It's our nature to grow and adapt. Modern Architecture is a language that understands this and constantly accommodates new challenges and ways of living. Simplicity, flexibility, and functionality should all combine to satisfy our individual and collective needs."